Welcome to the heaven on earth – Wayanad

Wayanad is a land of Paddy Fields, unexplored forest treks, waterfalls, thick rain forests, ancient temples & more over the beautiful people. Hardly six hours from Bangalore and & 3 hours from Mysore Wayanad is an easily accessible hideout from busy life.

Wayanad is connected to Karnataka via 3 routes and all of them itself can give one glimpse of abundant wild life of the area. Wayanad has 2 wild life sanctuaries which offers sightings of Asian elephants, Tigers, Bison and herds of deer. If not, the serene landscape will calm one’s soul.

This portal is designed and developed few people born and brought up in Wayanad and hoping to provide genuine information regarding the place we consider nothing but the heaven on earth. More than anything our goal is to preserve the pristine land as it is at the same time helping tourists, wild life enthusiasts and trekkers with information. Wayanad is home to peaceful people who mostly rely on agriculture and migrated from southern parts of Kerala. we also have natives which are mainly Adiya, Paniya, Kurichiya & Kurumar tribes. They have beautiful tradition, lores, songs and a culture which is facing extinguistion. There are many incidents of them being exploited too. Farmers also have their own share of problems and Wayanad is one of those districts in the country where the number of farmer suicides numbers are shockingly high.

Right now the land and its people are going through a fast transformation especially because of tourism, attacks of wild animals due to loss of natural habitat. We need responsible visitors who treat the nature and the people tenderly and preserve this pristine land for our future generations.

Just before heavy rains – Chembra peak, Wayanad, Kerala by : Bobinson K B

Just before heavy rains – Chembra peak, Wayanad, Kerala by : Bobinson K B

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