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Banasura sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam (ബാണാസുര സാഗര്‍ ടം), Wayanad By aztonyx (Rejoyce Jose) – March 28, 2009  

Banasura Sagar Dam, which impounds the Karamanathodu tributary of the Kabini River, is part of the Banasurasagar Project consisting of a dam and a canal project started in 1979.[1] The goal of the project is to support the Kakkayam Hydro electric power project and satisfy the demand for irrigation and drinking water in a region known to have water shortages in seasonal dry periods.

The Banasura Sagar Dam is located 21 km from Kalpetta, in Wayanad District of Kerala in the Western Ghats. It is the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia, and an ideal starting point for hikes into the surrounding scenic mountains.[2] It is an important tourist attraction.[3]

In the dam’s reservoir there is a set of islands that were formed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas.[4] The islands with the Banasura hills in the background provide a spectacular view.


Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb

Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb (പഴശ്ശി രാജാവിന്റെ ശവ കുടീരം)

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, popularly known as the Lion of Kerala, was the king of the Kottayam Royal family.

Situated at the heart of Mananthawady, Wayanad. Its near the goverment hostpital, Manathawady.

Accomodation is available in Alaska Lodge, Mananthawady.

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Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls (മീന്മുട്ടി വാറെര്ഫല്ല്സ്), Wayanad By Anoop Madhavan – January 12, 2008 

Disambiguation: There are 3 or more waterfalls with the name of meenmutty in Wayanad. This article is about the one near meppadi town. The name meenmutty means an hinderence beyond which fishes can’t swim. (meen means fish in malayalam)

Meenmutty (meen mutty) Waterfalls near Meppadi ( a small town), is one of the most beautiful water falls in kerala. Meenmutty is actually a collection of 3 water falls. Meppadi is 23 kms from kalpetta.

There are local buses from kalpetta to meppadi and route gives you splendid views of the tea estates.

From meppadi town the water falls is around 7 kms of which 5kms one can go via road. Jeeps or autos are easily available in meppadi town. Its a good idea to carry enough water and eatables with you.

As mentioned earlier there are 3 water falls at meenmutty. The route to third water fall is a down ward trek of around 2 kms and it is very dangerous.

From the starting point of the trek if you take the route which goes towards left, it will take you to the first two waterfalls. It is impossible to reach the third waterfall without coming to the initial starting point. Its adivicable to check for the route with the localites before starting the trek and its not a good idea to go to the third waterfall.

The second waterfall is very wide and there is a small pool formed at the bottom of the fall. During summer season we can take bath there. The first water fall is narrower compared to the second one but its not possible to take bath there. The route to these 2 falls are of moderate difficulty and its not advisable to go there with family as the route gets very narrow and dangerous at some points.

The third water fall is the tallest of the three and its not possible to go near this fall. Attempt to go this water fall only if you are very confident and you have good treking experience. The forest in this area is so thick that you will loose way and may have to wander to findout the way back. Also note that it is not possible to go to go to other two falls from this waterfall.

Route to the third waterfall at meenmutty:

meen mutty

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves (ഇടക്കല്‍ ചാവെസ്), Wayanad By Sabarishr (Sabarish Raghupathy) – August 19, 2007 

These caves have been formed by natural rock splits. The ancient carvings & symbols carved on the rocks can still be noticed. These are also considered as one among the world’s famous carvings. There is also a belief that this place has been proved the earliest centers of human habitation. Hence, these might give you an idea about life & civilization.

Route Suggestions:

If you are coming from Bangalore via mysore:

**Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalpetta > Meppadi **
(This road is in very good condition. Both Karnataka roads as well as Kerala)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to Edakkal Caves.

Chembra Peak

The higest peak in wayanad, kerala ! The scenic beauty of the chembra and the surrounding forests and the tea estate are worth the difficult trek. Another surprise you find middle the way is the heart shaped lake called “hridaya saras”.

some important points:

  • the trek will take whole day
  • carry enough water and food with you
  • enough water means say, 4 liters per person
  • its a good idea to carry a torch
  • probably some sun screen lotions
  • don’t wander into the forests
  • please try to keep the place clean and don’t throw away plastics and cola bottles.

Chembra peak is situated near a small town called Meppadi. Meppadi is 21 kilometers from Kalpetta. If you have a vehicle you can use to reach meppadi or you will easily get buses from kalpetta bus stand to meppadi. The tea estate enroute meppadi are treat to one’s eyes.

An early morning view from kalpetta bus stand

Chembra Estate .

Before trekking to chembra, we need to take permission from meppadi forest station. no. there is nothing to worry. We just have to go the forest station, one person in the group has to give an application saying that he want to trek to chembra and he should mention his name, address and the number of people with him. Then you have to sign a register saying that you won’t do some nasty thing which will cause wild fire. (you better not do it. and if you are planning to do it, please stop reading this article. Also, please try to keep the place clean.) The forest officers are very very friendly and cheerful. (so friendly and helpful that you will start wondering whether you are in a goverment office or not !) You will be a given a slip with the forest officers signature and seal. You will have to keep this as you have to handover this slip to a watch tower just before the start of trek route.

If you don’t have a vehicle, you can hire a jeep from here. You can check with the shop keeper near the forest station and he wil help you out. To reach the starting point of the trek you have to travel around 5 kms from the forest station. You have to enter the Chembra tea estate to reach the starting point. Its not a good idea to walk all the way to the start of the trek. Hiring a jeep is a must. You will have to show the slip given from the forest station at the entrance of the estate. Vehicles can go near (around 200 meters) of the forest watch tower. You will have to produce the slip to the officer there and you are all set to the journey.

A view of the chembra estate

Chembra Estate .

Chembra trek start.

From the point shown above, you will have to walk around 5 kms to reach the peak. Most of the journey is upward climb. There are grasslands in between. There is a narrow path all the way. You can reach the peak by just following the narrow trail.

About half the way, you will find the Heart shaped lake

Nature's Heart.

Its a good idea to take rest and refresh yourself near the lake.

Chembra Estate .

From the heart lake, the route become steaper and tougher. The last 200 meters of the path looks really tough but its not very difficult to climb it.


Chembra Estate .

Once you reach the peak, you will understand that it was worth the trek. You can take rest, even sleep there on the peak and return. Its recomended to return via the path you took to climb the peak.

time to relax :-)

Chembra Estate .

Have a nice trekking !

PS: In Malayalam chembra is pronounced as “chem bra” (ചെംബ്ര)

(Note that the photos in this article are taken during a chembra trek after a wild fire. Usually, this area is green than what is shown in this article.)

Route Suggestions:

if you are coming from Bangalore via mysore:

Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta
(This is road is in very good condition. Both karnata roads and kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to chembra peak.

Thirunelly Temple

Thirunelly Temple

Thirunelly Temple (തിരുനെല്ലി റെമ്പ്ലെ), Wayanad By binux (Binu K S) – May 20, 2006 

Thirunelly Temple, wayanad, kerala. One of the oldest temples in the world. Tippu attacked undergroud caves, Cave shiva temple pancha theerthakkulam 400 years old stonge henge canal to bring water from a non perennial water source. This was donated by princess of Chirakkal Royal family, Kannur, Kerala.

Believed to be consecrated by lord Brahma Thirunelli is known as the Thekkan Kaasi (Southern kaasi) Pakshi paathalam, Brahma giri range

*Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta > Meppadi *
(This road is in very good condition. Both Karnataka roads and Kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to Thirunelly Temple.

In malayalam thirunelli is written as തിരുനെല്ലി


Alternate spellings  thirunelli, tirunelli

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga, Kerala

Muthanga, Kerala

Elephant herd at muthanga wild life sanctuary (മുത്തങ്ങ), Wayanad By Amal Bharathapisharody (Amal Bharathan) – July 26,2008 

Muthanga (Waynad wild life sanctuary) is in Wayanad district of Kerala, south India. It is on the way from Mysore to Sulthan Bathery. Wild animals such as bison, elephant, deer and tiger has been spotted. There are also quite a few wild birds in the sanctuary.

Waynad Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 344 sq km and is about 16 km east of Sulthan Bathery nearest big town in Wayanad.

The sanctuary is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The Western Ghats, Nilgiri Sub-Cluster (6,000+ km²), including all of Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary, is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site

Source: wikipedia


Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Kerala

Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary

Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Kerala (തോല്‍പെട്ടി), Wayanad By w3p706 (Fabian Heusser) – March 2, 2007 

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayayand; 30 kms from Thirunelli Temple, near Kutta. 45 kms from kuruva Islands, Wayanad; 60 kms from kalpetta Near Nagar Hole wild life sanctuary Can see Elephants, Leopards, Tigers, Bison Co-operative forest departmet safari costs Rs 250/- (5 USD)

Vehicles like sumo, and jeeps are allowed. Small cars are not allowed inside. Lots of jeeps are availbile near the sanctuary entrance Best season March


Timings: Morning 9 AM to evening 6 PM

Bangalore > Mysore > Manathavady > Tholpetty


Pookot Lake Vythiri


Pookot Lake

Pookot lake (പൂകൊറ്റ് ലാകെ), Wayanad By Lensman vishy

The serene lake, 19 kms from Kalpetta the district capital of Wayanad is an unavoidable item in the    itinerary anyone who visits Wayanad. Pookot lake offers beautiful views of lush green mountains surrounding it. Boating or just wandering in the woods is upto you !

The best route to reach Pookot lake is:

Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta > Meppadi 
(This road is in very good condition. Both Karnataka roads and Kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in Kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to Pookot Lake. A popular resort, a very eco-friendly one near the area is Vythiri resort on which you can find more on Routez. Though cheaper options might be the lodges in Kalpetta and Meppadi.

Oh yes, now the scary part – there are leeches around the lake when its wet (rainy season) so if you find a cook tickling sensation, don’t be alarmed, its our friendly neighborhood leech, put some salt or some tobaco and he will leave & stick a news paper where he was clinging to stop blood. Now I lied when I said leeches are scary, they are pretty cool !

Kuruva Islands.

Kuruva Dweep (kuruwa Dweep / കുറുവ ദ്വീപ്) is a 950 acre protected river delta system (collection of small islands) on the Kabini River. The island is uninhabited. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are the sovereigns of this beautiful patch of land. Kabani river is one of the main sources of kaveri water and of the three rivers that flows to east in kerala.

Now kuruva is one of the two eco tourism projects in kerala. (Other being thenmala)

History of Kuruva as told by a localite

40 years back the islands where full of bamboo and then the Gwalior Rayons Factory in kozhikode chop down the entire bamboo forest and the localites used the area for grazing cattle and drying clothes. Then over the time it took the current form.

Tourists crossing the river to reach kuruva

To kuruva / kuruwa.

boating ..

A boat trip in Kuruva Dweep (Island)

Inside Kuruva

kuruva Isalnds . Kuruva Islands ..

play time

kuruva Isalnds . kuruva Isalnds .

kuruva Isalnds . kuruva Isalnds .

How to reach

Mananthawady (mananthavady) is the nearest town. From mananthavady travel towards Mysore, just a kilometer after karthikulam, look for the kuruvadweep sign post and take a right. Kuruva is atmost 5 kilometers from this point. (you will find KTDC sign boards)

Distance from Bangalore: 150 kms

Distance from Mananthawady : 17 kms

Distance from Kalpetta: 60 kms

Distance from Thirunelli: 45 kms

Distance from Tholpetty : 30 kms

Route Suggestions:

if you are coming from Bangalore via mysore:

Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta
(This is road is in very good condition. Both karnata roads and kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to kurva.

But we think that the best trip plan will be:

Bangalore > Mysore > Irippo > Tholpetty > Thirunelli > Kuruva
(roads in the karnata side are pretty bad after mysore.)

We can find good homestays in Irippo. Irippo is in Coorg district of karnataka and its near the kerala border. Nagar Hole wild life sanctuary is another attraction in the area. From there we can easily reach Tholpetty wild life sanctury by road. (via kutta / കുട്ട ) Thirunelli Temple is 14 kms from Tholpetty wild life sancturay and kuruva is 30 kms. Roads in this area are in very good condition and surroundings are beautiful.

What you can do in Kuruva ?

Two small rivers, manathawady puzha (river) and panamaram puzha confluences to form Kabani. Kurva islands is at the confluence of these two rivers. One can spend the whole day in the islands. The tourism department and the forest department are preserving the place pretty well. Entry is restricted by the forest department. You have to pay Rs 10/- for the entry and you will have deposit Rs 10/- (refundable) for every bag you carry in and that money will be refunded only if you bring the bag back.

The biggest Island in the kuruva island has two ponds in it. Don’t miss those. You will have to walk at least one hour reach there. Forest department has arranged boating in the islands. There are few home stays and a good resort in the area.


[ link to hotels, resorts. etc coming up ]