Kuruva Islands.

Kuruva Dweep (kuruwa Dweep / കുറുവ ദ്വീപ്) is a 950 acre protected river delta system (collection of small islands) on the Kabini River. The island is uninhabited. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are the sovereigns of this beautiful patch of land. Kabani river is one of the main sources of kaveri water and of the three rivers that flows to east in kerala.

Now kuruva is one of the two eco tourism projects in kerala. (Other being thenmala)

History of Kuruva as told by a localite

40 years back the islands where full of bamboo and then the Gwalior Rayons Factory in kozhikode chop down the entire bamboo forest and the localites used the area for grazing cattle and drying clothes. Then over the time it took the current form.

Tourists crossing the river to reach kuruva

To kuruva / kuruwa.

boating ..

A boat trip in Kuruva Dweep (Island)

Inside Kuruva

kuruva Isalnds . Kuruva Islands ..

play time

kuruva Isalnds . kuruva Isalnds .

kuruva Isalnds . kuruva Isalnds .

How to reach

Mananthawady (mananthavady) is the nearest town. From mananthavady travel towards Mysore, just a kilometer after karthikulam, look for the kuruvadweep sign post and take a right. Kuruva is atmost 5 kilometers from this point. (you will find KTDC sign boards)

Distance from Bangalore: 150 kms

Distance from Mananthawady : 17 kms

Distance from Kalpetta: 60 kms

Distance from Thirunelli: 45 kms

Distance from Tholpetty : 30 kms

Route Suggestions:

if you are coming from Bangalore via mysore:

Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta
(This is road is in very good condition. Both karnata roads and kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to kurva.

But we think that the best trip plan will be:

Bangalore > Mysore > Irippo > Tholpetty > Thirunelli > Kuruva
(roads in the karnata side are pretty bad after mysore.)

We can find good homestays in Irippo. Irippo is in Coorg district of karnataka and its near the kerala border. Nagar Hole wild life sanctuary is another attraction in the area. From there we can easily reach Tholpetty wild life sanctury by road. (via kutta / കുട്ട ) Thirunelli Temple is 14 kms from Tholpetty wild life sancturay and kuruva is 30 kms. Roads in this area are in very good condition and surroundings are beautiful.

What you can do in Kuruva ?

Two small rivers, manathawady puzha (river) and panamaram puzha confluences to form Kabani. Kurva islands is at the confluence of these two rivers. One can spend the whole day in the islands. The tourism department and the forest department are preserving the place pretty well. Entry is restricted by the forest department. You have to pay Rs 10/- for the entry and you will have deposit Rs 10/- (refundable) for every bag you carry in and that money will be refunded only if you bring the bag back.

The biggest Island in the kuruva island has two ponds in it. Don’t miss those. You will have to walk at least one hour reach there. Forest department has arranged boating in the islands. There are few home stays and a good resort in the area.


[ link to hotels, resorts. etc coming up ]