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Pookot Lake Vythiri


Pookot Lake

Pookot lake (പൂകൊറ്റ് ലാകെ), Wayanad By Lensman vishy

The serene lake, 19 kms from Kalpetta the district capital of Wayanad is an unavoidable item in the    itinerary anyone who visits Wayanad. Pookot lake offers beautiful views of lush green mountains surrounding it. Boating or just wandering in the woods is upto you !

The best route to reach Pookot lake is:

Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta > Meppadi 
(This road is in very good condition. Both Karnataka roads and Kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in Kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to Pookot Lake. A popular resort, a very eco-friendly one near the area is Vythiri resort on which you can find more on Routez. Though cheaper options might be the lodges in Kalpetta and Meppadi.

Oh yes, now the scary part – there are leeches around the lake when its wet (rainy season) so if you find a cook tickling sensation, don’t be alarmed, its our friendly neighborhood leech, put some salt or some tobaco and he will leave & stick a news paper where he was clinging to stop blood. Now I lied when I said leeches are scary, they are pretty cool !