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Thirunelly Temple

Thirunelly Temple

Thirunelly Temple (തിരുനെല്ലി റെമ്പ്ലെ), Wayanad By binux (Binu K S) – May 20, 2006 

Thirunelly Temple, wayanad, kerala. One of the oldest temples in the world. Tippu attacked undergroud caves, Cave shiva temple pancha theerthakkulam 400 years old stonge henge canal to bring water from a non perennial water source. This was donated by princess of Chirakkal Royal family, Kannur, Kerala.

Believed to be consecrated by lord Brahma Thirunelli is known as the Thekkan Kaasi (Southern kaasi) Pakshi paathalam, Brahma giri range

*Bangalore > Mysore > Gundalpet > Sultan Bathery > Kalepetta > Meppadi *
(This road is in very good condition. Both Karnataka roads and Kerala roads)

You can find accommodation in kalpetta. From there you can easily commute to Thirunelly Temple.

In malayalam thirunelli is written as തിരുനെല്ലി


Alternate spellings  thirunelli, tirunelli