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Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls (മീന്മുട്ടി വാറെര്ഫല്ല്സ്), Wayanad By Anoop Madhavan – January 12, 2008 

Disambiguation: There are 3 or more waterfalls with the name of meenmutty in Wayanad. This article is about the one near meppadi town. The name meenmutty means an hinderence beyond which fishes can’t swim. (meen means fish in malayalam)

Meenmutty (meen mutty) Waterfalls near Meppadi ( a small town), is one of the most beautiful water falls in kerala. Meenmutty is actually a collection of 3 water falls. Meppadi is 23 kms from kalpetta.

There are local buses from kalpetta to meppadi and route gives you splendid views of the tea estates.

From meppadi town the water falls is around 7 kms of which 5kms one can go via road. Jeeps or autos are easily available in meppadi town. Its a good idea to carry enough water and eatables with you.

As mentioned earlier there are 3 water falls at meenmutty. The route to third water fall is a down ward trek of around 2 kms and it is very dangerous.

From the starting point of the trek if you take the route which goes towards left, it will take you to the first two waterfalls. It is impossible to reach the third waterfall without coming to the initial starting point. Its adivicable to check for the route with the localites before starting the trek and its not a good idea to go to the third waterfall.

The second waterfall is very wide and there is a small pool formed at the bottom of the fall. During summer season we can take bath there. The first water fall is narrower compared to the second one but its not possible to take bath there. The route to these 2 falls are of moderate difficulty and its not advisable to go there with family as the route gets very narrow and dangerous at some points.

The third water fall is the tallest of the three and its not possible to go near this fall. Attempt to go this water fall only if you are very confident and you have good treking experience. The forest in this area is so thick that you will loose way and may have to wander to findout the way back. Also note that it is not possible to go to go to other two falls from this waterfall.

Route to the third waterfall at meenmutty:

meen mutty